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Compact and Easy

Many laboratory applications require sub-ambient temperatures, whether in the field of biology, chemistry, medicine, food or even electronics.

Our Polar Bear Cub doesn’t need and ice bath, chiller or stirring plate so you can start to play sooner. While standard methods requires constant supervision and repetitive tasks such as adding ice to an ice bath, our polar bear cub can run unattended without worries associated with additional equipment. The Polar Bear Cub can be used to hold a variety of samples and aluminium formers can be manufactured to specific requirements.


Save fume hood space

Our Polar Bear Cub has been designed to accurately deliver a range of cold temperatures in a clean and simple way. At the touch of a button you can achieve a controlled cold environment for observation, manipulation and testing samples. 

Features of the Polar Bar Cub include

  • Temperature capabilities, from -40 to +30° C
  • Simple operation
  • Energy efficient, very low running costs
  • Powerful magnetic stirring
  • Adaptable to many applications
  • Range of holders for standard glassware
  • Compact footprint


Simple touchscreen controls

The Polar Bear Cub is designed to cool to the desired temperature, set on either the internal (plate) or the external (PT100) temperature, at the fastest possible rate. The links below display graphs tracking performance in a number of example scenarios*.

*Actual performance achieved will depend on the volumes and identity of materials, as well as on the efficiency of the insulation used.


Reduce your carbon footprint