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  • Steven Ley
    University of Cambridge

What our customers say

“The Polar Bear Plus Flow unit from CRD has proved itself to be highly effective at delivering cold whilst being flexible enough to be used when heat is required. Having a unit that can deliver both options in a small portable format without the need for consumable cryogens provides economies and time efficiencies.”

Richard Turner,
Lab Manager, University of Cambridge.

“The Polar Bear Plus - Crystal is just what we needed. CRD have produced a flexible and efficient device that provides convenient temperature control, above and below ambient conditions, for a diverse range of vessels.”

Adrian St. Clair (Site Director)
SAFC, Pharmorphix, Cambridge UK.

“The Polar Bear Plus Flow reactor enables a wide range of operating temperatures with excellent heat transfer properties. By accessing low temperatures it enables flow experimentation at the same conditions required in many batch synthesises providing an excellent starting point for further optimisation.”

Richard Bourne

“The Polar Bear Plus has provided us with a flexible, compact and easily integrated heating and cooling solution. Its small size allows it to be quickly moved and repositioned to make best use of the available space. We have been very pleased with our purchases.”

Prof. Ian R. Baxendale
- Durham University