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Professor Richard C D Brown
Professor of Organic Chemistry, Deputy Head of Chemistry (Research)

One of the main interests in our research group is the total synthesis of natural products. Most of these natural product targets possess interesting or useful biological and pharmacological activities. Some examples of natural products synthesised by our group include acetogenins, lupin alkaloids, terpenoids and furofuran lignans.

Research Funding

2016 – 2019: Flow electrosynthesis: an enabling technology for sustainable synthesis of pharmaceuticals [EPSRC: Co-operative Award in Science and Engineering research studentship EP/N509747/1]

2015 – 2018: Novel Hybrid Reactivators of Acetylcholinesterases Poisoned with Organophosphorous Chemical Warfare Agents [dstl UK France PhD studentship. Brown (PI) with Baati (Strasbourg Co-I)].

2015 – 2018: POLYMAT [EPSRC: Brown (Co-I) with Vaughan (PI) EP/N002199/1]

2016 – 2018: Lilly Research Award Program Grant (Flow Electrosynthesis) [Brown (PI) with Harrowven (Co-I)]

2013 – 2017: Factory in a Fumehood: Reagentless Flow Reactors as Enabling Techniques for Manufacture (EPSRC: EP/L003325/1. Brown (Co-I) with Booker-Milburn (Bristol PI) and Harrowven (Co-I))

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