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Introducing the Ammonite Electrolysis Cells

A Routine Synthesis Tool

A wide range of chemical conversions have been reported in microflow electrolysis cells and all should be possible in Ammonite cells.

The circular electrodes and spiral microflow channel lead to a compact cell but with the extended length essential for a high conversion in a single pass with a relatively high flow rate of reactant solution through the cell. The design also leads to a controlled and efficient mass transport regime.

Two sizes of cell are available. The Ammonite8 Cell is well suited to initial investigations of new systems and can synthesise grams of product per hour. The larger Ammonite15 Cell is suitable for scale up of a synthesis to tens of grams of product.


NEW, Compact, Routine Synthesis Tool

The ability to allow selective chemical change together with a high conversion in a single pass of solution through the cells using relatively high flow rates changes electrolysis from an academic experiment to a useful tool in the synthetic laboratory.

Features of the Ammonite Electrolysis Cells

  • Compact labratory unit
  • Simple operation.
  • Suitable for electrolysis in a wide range of solvents/electrolytes.
  • Operation with low electrolyte concentration possible.
  • Readily dismantled, cleaned and reassembled.
  • Standard fittings to external pipework.
  • Operated with standard pumps and power supplies.
  • Many electrosyntheses possible.


Examples of Flow Electrosynthesis

The Ammonite Electrolysis Cells give:

  • High selectivity for a range of syntheses.
  • High conversion in a single pass of reactant through the cell.
  • A short residence time for reactant within the cell.
  • Operation with low and high flow rates up to 5 cm3/minute.
  • Synthesis at a production rate of up to several grams per hour.
  • The opportunity to prepare up to multigrams of product.

Case Studies



  • Serial Number A1336
  • Part number for the assembly 74660

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