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  • ‘Parallel portable plug & play reactor’
  • ‘No external Temperature control devices or PC’
  • ‘zero water consumption’

Our Advanced Heating & Cooling technology provides the ability to heat and cool, without the use of –solvents, ice baths or heat transfer fluids; just ‘Plug & Play’.

The unique technology platform also comes with a powerful stirring magnetic/overhead and Advanced data management system. The ‘Flexi-Plate’ format allows Users to have a choice of holders from standard round bottomed flasks to vials. Compact and easy to use, the Polar Bear Technology is suited to a broad range of laboratory applications.

  • Controlled Heating +150°C
  • Controlled Cooling -40°C
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Portable device
  • Remote or network access control
  • UltraCold -90C platforms
Polar Bear Plus

Polar Bear

Our Polar Bear Plus takes advantage of our advanced cooling technology and combines it with the ability to heat - no solvents, ice or heat transfer fluids are needed; just plug it in and set the desired temperature from -40, to +150°C. The plus also comes with a powerful magnetic stirrer and advance data management system. Users have a choice of holders from standard round bottomed flasks to vial holders. We can even produce customised moulds for ice cream!

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Polar Bear Cub

Polar Bear

Our Polar Bear Cub is a product designed for laboratory cooling applications. It offers many of the features and options of the Polar Bear Plus but comes at a reduced cost. It takes advantage of our advanced cooling technology and allows scientist to perform stirred and sub-ambient reactions in a range of standard vials and flasks. The cooling plate provides the necessary performance to ensure cooling conditions across the temperature range from −40 to +30 °C. The Polar Bear Cub can be set up in minutes, operates accurately and reproducibly, and can be run unattended safely.

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Polar Bear Plus Crystal

Polar Bear Plus

The Polar Bear Plus - Crystal is a compact, state of the art device for crystallisation applications. Its features include precise temperature control using a cascade temperature algorithm, programmable temperatures with up to 16 heating, cooling and hold steps, heating and cooling ramps down to 0.1°C/min and temperature cycling.

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  • Chemical synthesis
  • Parallel Screening
  • Reaction monitoring & Control
  • Polymorph and co-crystal screening
  • Crystallisation development
  • Process optimisation and development
  • Phase diagram construction
  • Drug Discovery
  • Crystal growth

What our customers say

“The Polar Bear Plus Flow unit from CRD has proved itself to be highly effective at delivering cold whilst being flexible enough to be used when heat is required. Having a unit that can deliver both options in a small portable format without the need for consumable cryogens provides economies and time efficiencies.”

Richard Turner,
Lab Manager, University of Cambridge.

“The Polar Bear Plus Flow reactor enables a wide range of operating temperatures with excellent heat transfer properties. By accessing low temperatures it enables flow experimentation at the same conditions required in many batch synthesises providing an excellent starting point for further optimisation.”

Richard Bourne

“The Polar Bear Plus has provided us with a flexible, compact and easily integrated heating and cooling solution. Its small size allows it to be quickly moved and repositioned to make best use of the available space. We have been very pleased with our purchases.”

Prof. Ian R. Baxendale
- Durham University