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At Cambridge Reactor Design we specialise in designing and manufacturing new equipment, ranging from batch & flow chemistry reactors to advanced temperature management systems that fit inside a fume hood. We understand how you work and the results you need so our solutions deliver to your expectations in a creative, simple and practical manner. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us.

Our Solutions

  • Downstream Processing
  • Batch & Continuous Chemistry
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Intelligent Vision
  • Tadpoles and
    other species

Build Quality by Design into your Filtration & Washing and Liquid-Liquid Extraction unit operations using CRD's robotic solutions.

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See how Cambridge Reactor Design's Batch and Continuous Chemistry applications can benefit your organisation

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Do you want a Robotic Chemistry Technician? Explore the advantages of deploying CRD's Automation and Robotics applications in your laboratory.

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Need an extra pair of eyes? Bring a new level of control to your reactor technologies with Cambridge Reactor Design's Intelligent Vision systems with real-time feedback loops

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Discover our Tadpole range of patented check valves and other niche spin outs

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Latest News

Cambridge Reactor Design wins i4i challenge award to design a new pump for the NHS...

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The Polar Bear Plus - Crystal.

Cambridge Reactor Design wins order from Sigma Aldrich - our biggest customer yet.
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Cambridge Reactor Design wins Heston Blumenthal order

Cambridge Reactor Design are delighted to be working with the chefs at Heston Blumenthal’s experimental kitchen. The chefs are using CRD’s Polar Bear Advanced Cooling Technology at their kitchen in Bray.

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