Our Solutions

At Cambridge Reactor Design we provide creative, simple and practical solutions across the chemistry sectors globally.

Whether your requirement is for one of our off-the-shelf products, or you need a degree of customisation , or you want our fully bespoke service, you will enjoy the peace of mind of working with a company that has a 20 year track record of successful delivery, with a focus on doing more with less.

We offer you

  • Creative solutions within a predictable cost and time frame.
  • In-house technical consulting, design and build to customer requirements.
  • Collaboration at all stages of a project lifecycle from concept through to on-site commissioning.
  • Worldwide compliant systems (CE, UL, etc).
  • Full after sales technical service support and training.

Our aim is always to ensure that your solution entirely meets your expectations and produces the results you need.

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In my dealings with CRD over the last 14 years, their service-oriented approach to solving customer problems has always impressed me in terms of the quality, speed and ingenuity of solutions offered and implemented. Whether working at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, The University of Cambridge, the Delft University of Technology with Avantium B.V., or now at The University of Sydney - CRD has always delivered for me and my academic, as well as industrial, research teams.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Maschmeyer, ARC Future Fellow (USyd) and Co-Founder and Director of Ignite Energy Resources
(a low carbon footprint energy and fuel company)