Eagle Liquid Liquid Extraction
Liquid Liquid Extraction

Eagle Liquid Liquid Extraction Robot Assistant

Our Eagle liquid-liquid extraction robot assistant focuses on solvent extraction.


By combining real-time machine vision with robotics, this workstation performs repetitive tasks 24/7, with high levels of precision and accuracy, recognises motion, takes video images - and does not talk back at or argue with management personnel!


The Eagle gives you the capability and capacity to gain insight into the parameters affecting your liquid-liquid extraction processes thus facilitating process improvement and delivering the process understanding you need. As well as determining solvent choice, aqueous media, quantity of solvents and number of washes required, the system can carry out precise pH adjustments, giving you the information you need to leverage the potential for purification during your liquid extraction processes.


Features of the Eagle include

  • Produces quality Distribution Ratio data

  • Choice of aqueous solutions and organic solvents

  • Performs pH adjustments

  • Collects and prepares samples for analysis

  • Automatic detection and processing of emulsions and difficult interfaces using our Eagle intelligent vision system

  • User friendly software for easy operation.

For a full description, download our Eagle brochure and take a look at the slideshow in our related links.