“ Avantium Technologies B.V. wishes to thank Cambridge Reactor Design for their outstanding performance in designing and executing the build of the High Pressure Reactor units. Your dedication, commitment and craftsmanship have provided Avantium with technology of unequalled capabilities and we look forward to a continued relationship of excellence in the future.”
“CRD have had considerable experience in offering bespoke solutions to engineering problems. This involves manufacture of unique and high quality miniaturized equipment by a team of highly qualified and multi skilled individuals.”
Aspentech Innovative Business Practice Award
“One of CRD's great strengths is their ability provide turn-key real engineering solutions for processes that involve gas, liquid or multiphase flow at high pressures, temperatures and hostile environments.”
Professor Malcolm Mackley from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology University of Cambridge
“In my dealings with CRD over the last 14 years, their service-oriented approach to solving customer problems has always impressed me in terms of the quality, speed and ingenuity of solutions offered and implemented. Whether working at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, The University of Cambridge, the Delft University of Technology with Avantium B.V., or now at The University of Sydney - CRD has always delivered for me and my academic, as well as industrial, research teams.” Prof. Dr. Thomas Maschmeyer, ARC Future Fellow (USyd) and Co-Founder and Director of Ignite Energy Resources (a low carbon footprint energy and fuel company)>
“ Intertek-CAPCIS has worked in a successful partnership with CRD and supported CRD during the development and validation of the Automated Corrosion Testing System. CRD's experience in the design of instrumentation and ability to quickly react to customer's ever changing needs has greatly enhanced the product's versatility.” Petra Ernst, Intertek-CAPCIS
Cambridge Reactor Design Ltd proved to be an ideal partner when GSK Chemical Development wanted to introduce robotics downstream automation platforms to support our drug development pipeline. Bashir Harji and his design team took our basic concept and applied a multi-functional design and construction team to deliver a highly capable filtration and washing robotics system that we have now operational at a number of our sites. From the first equipment drawings through to site commissioning CRD were totally focused upon our requirements and very effectively provided technical solutions that worked. In use, the systems generate fast and accurate development information 24 hours a day to support downstream process scale-up and trouble-shooting activities. This capability supports our 'Quality by Design' strategy but is resource efficient due to the excellent control system, automation platform and data handling capabilities. Andy Reason, VP Chemical Development, GlaxoSmithKline