Rattlesnake Continuous Crystallization
Continuous Crystallization

Rattlesnake Continuous Crystallisation

Our Rattlesnake is being developed to help you address the many challenges associated with the continuous crystallisation processes.


Our novel design incorporates the control you would expect from continuous processing and effectively applies it to the parameters that influence crystallisation outcomes.


Details of the technology are under wraps for the time being as we are completing the patent application process, however we can give you an overview of the system features:

  • Uniform mixing and precise temperature control over the entire reactor volume

  • Multiple ports for monitoring and analysis

  • Features to minimize encrustation

  • Windows for process observation

  • Lab and plant scale versions

  • Easy to clean, with low volumes of waste solvent

  • Material options e.g. Hastelloy C276

This fully funded concept is of high relevance across chemical industry and we are interested in meeting with companies from all fields who have an interest in crystallisation.