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Tube in Tube Membrane Reactor

Our Gastropod Tube in Tube Membrane Reactor - For fast, efficient and controllable gas-liquid reactions in flow

We have two standard products in our range of membrane reactors:

1. Gastropod Gas-Liquid Module (Part Number 25620) Buy Now

This module provides a safe and efficient means of performing gas-liquid reactions under continuous flow-through conditions. Based on ‘tube-in-tube’ design developed by scientists at Cambridge University with Cambridge Reactor Design it promotes rapid diffusion of pressurised gas through gas-permeable tubing to quickly create a gas saturated solvent stream in a few seconds.

Liquid (usually in the form of an organic solvent) is passed through a gas-permeable inner tube (Teflon AF2400) which is nested inside a thick-walled outer tube, filled under pressure with a reactive gas. The gas is able to diffuse across the membrane into the liquid, b fout the liquid cannot move in the opposite direction. Our Gas Addition Module is compatible with a wide range of reactive gases (e.g. carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, D2, ethene, ethyne, sulphur dioxide) and organic solvents (e.g. THF, MeCN, MeOH, PrOH) The Gastropod Gas-Liquid Module allows you to

  • Rapidly generate a continuous gas-saturated solvent stream

  • Effortlessly perform gas-liquid reactions in flow

2. Gastropod Gas-Reaction Module (Part Number 46820) Buy Now

This module is a coil reactor that allows gas to be introduced to reactions performed under flow-through conditions. The gas diffuses through a length of gas-permeable membrane tubing (Teflon AF2400) that runs inside the whole length of the outer coil reactor tubing containing the liquid phase. The gas and liquid phases do not come into direct contact with each other.

The annular design ensures that the flowing liquid phase does not contain any undissolved gas bubbles, thereby ensuring greater stability, consistent flow and reproducible residence times.

For flexibility, the coil reactor is compatible with our Polar Bear Plus Flow Synthesiser.

Biogeneral makes tubing and film from Teflon® AF 2400, which offers exceptional permeability and outstanding solvent and chemical resistance.

To facilitate management of the gas input a Gas Manifold fitted with a pressure gauge and safety burst valve is included in the price.

Our Gastropod range is now available to buy online