Gastropod Gas-Liquid Module
Gastropod Gas-Reaction Module

Frequently asked Questions on our Gastropod Gas-Reaction Module (Part Number 46820)

  • Is this product compatible with my existing Polar Bear Plus Flow Synthesiser?
  • Is the reaction visible?
    Yes, PFA tubing is used for the outer tube
  • What temperature range is this available?
    Ambient to 150C
  • Is there a higher temperature version?
  • Is there a cooled version?
    Our Polar Bear Plus operates in the range -40 to +150C
  • How accurate is the temperature?
    The temperature probe measures the temperature at the steel wall of the reactor liquid tube and this measurement is accurate t0 +/- 0.02C
  • How is the gas controlled?
    The user feeds gas via a pressure regulator into the gas ports on the reactor.
  • What gases can this be used?
    There is an extensive range of gases that can be used. Refer to the publications list on this reactor type on our website.
  • Is it necessary to recycle the reagents through the reactor?
    No. A single pass through the reactor system is typical.
  • Are there safety considerations?
    Our manifold contains needle valves to limit the gas flow rate and a relief valve to protect the tubing. The pressurised gas volume is small (< 10ml) so represents very little stored energy.
  • How can I tell if my reaction is gas limited?
    If there is an excess of dissolved gas at the end of the reaction, then you will probably see bubbles of gas in the output stream after the Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) when the pressure is released. If there are no bubbles, all the gas has been consumed by the reaction, and it may be gas limited.
  • What if I donít get enough gas flow for full conversion
    It is possible to extend the residence time by lowering the flow rate or by using multiple consecutive gas reactors.