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Plug Flow Reactor

Salamander - Our Range of Tubular Reactors

Our Salamander tubular reactor offers a cost effective way to enter the flow chemistry field on a lab scale.

Our Salamander range of tubular reactors may be jacketed to used with a heat transfer fluid or electrically heated for higher temperature applications. Our Salamander jacketed reactor with capillary tubing has a total reactor volume of 6 -18 mL and can operate at pressures of up to 200 bar.


Our range of Salamander electric plug flow reactors are for gas-solid and gas-liquid-solid applications. There is wide range of variability in the scope of these reactors. We manufacture reactors supporting a few milligrams to hundreds of grams of catalyst. We produce a budget range at one end of the scale but also offer a multiple set of reactors for high throughput experimentation. We have supplied 128 gas-liquid-solid reactors all operating at the same time, with a common feed, temperatures of up to 600 C and pressures of up to 30 bar.


We also manufacture a range of reactors that support static mixers in Stainless Steel and C276 materials. These range in reactor volumes from 20 mL to 1L. We offer a wide range of static mixers; depending on the user application, tube diameter and mixer performance.

Introduction of reactive gases to our Salamander flow reactor can be effectively achieved using our Gastropod Gas Liquid Module.



Features of our Jacketed Salamander Reactor include:

  • Excellent low and medium temperature capability

  • Precise temperature control and measurement at the point of reaction

  • Modular design with variable residence times

  • Can accept a tube or a packed column

  • Compact ready to use

  • Very low cost

For a full description, download our Salamander brochure and specification sheet from
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