Check Valve Drawing
Falcon Filtration Robot Assistant

Skills & Experience

Our in-house capability to design and manufacture both equipment and components gives us unmatched flexibility to tackle complex customer problems, providing creative, simple and, above all, practical solutions.


Our team includes all the relevant skillsets, from chemical engineering to software programming, from mechanical engineering to chemistry and we have experience in applying these skills across a wide range of areas:


  • Automation and Robotics

  • Intelligent Vision Systems

  • Bespoke Engineering

  • Components and fittings

  • Controlled temperature and high pressure applications

  • Systems integration

  • Advanced reactor technologies

  • Construction with metal, glass and functional polymers

Application areas

  • Filtration and Washing

  • Liquid-liquid extraction

  • Batch and Continuous Chemistry

  • High Throughput Chemistry

  • Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Catalysis

  • Check valves

  • Crystallisation

  • Corrosion testing

Added to this, we have all the skills required for the training and ongoing support you may need for your project, as well as the experience to meet the logistical challenges of worldwide shipping and delivery.

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"One of CRD's great strengths is their ability provide turn-key real engineering solutions for processes that involve gas, liquid or multiphase flow at high pressures, temperatures and hostile environments."
Professor Malcolm Mackley from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology University of Cambridge