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At CRD we have flourished over the last 20 years by evolving the company, allowing us to take advantage of the latest advances in technology and to deliver solutions to changing global customer demands.


Our in-house capability to design and manufacture what we need, from small components to complete systems gives us unmatched flexibility to tackle complex customer problems, providing creative, simple and, above all, practical solutions. Our innovations are patented when appropriate.

We recognise that every element of our work, small or large, is equally important – after all, little things often develop into great things! This attention to detail is one of the reasons we have been the preferred partners to academic institutions and companies across the chemistry sector, on a global basis.


We have enabled new ventures to secure multi million pound funding, academic institutions to build state of the art laboratories and established companies to expand their knowledge base beyond the traditional boundaries.


Today, to complement our custom engineering and automation service, we offer a number of ‘off the shelf’ products as well as components and fittings, all designed and constructed to our usual exceptional standards.  Moreover, we can personalise them for your specific application!

If you can’t see what you want you want on our website, please contact us to discuss your needs.



Avantium Technologies B.V. wishes to thank Cambridge Reactor Design for their outstanding performance in designing and executing the build of the High Pressure Reactor units. Your dedication, commitment and craftsmanship have provided Avantium with technology of unequalled capabilities and we look forward to a continued relationship of excellence in the future.

CRD have had considerable experience in offering bespoke solutions to engineering problems. This involves manufacture of unique and high quality miniaturized equipment by a team of highly qualified and multi skilled individuals.
Aspentech Innovative Business Practice Award