Automation & Robotic workstations
Automation & Robotic workstations

Automation and
Robotics - Workstations

Catalyst synthesis in the 21st Century is a strategically important area of academia and industry, with existing manual methods for preparation crying out for change.


CRD have already developed high throughput workstation-based solutions for the labour intensive tasks involved in catalyst preparation via Incipient Wetness Impregnation (IWI) or Excess Liquid Impregnation (ELI).


Our workstations integrate standard components with proprietary technology and incorporate both solid and liquid dispensing for maximum flexibility. Effective solids dispensing is achieved even with difficult, low density materials.

Solution Preparation

  • Separate areas for preparation of bulk solutions and formulation of catalyst compositions

  • Up to 48 catalyst compositions

  • Orbital shaking

  • Heating

  • Versatile multi-tube configurations

  • Systems integration

Catalyst Synthesis workstation

  • Separate areas for IWI and ELI catalyst preparation

  • Up to 24 samples in each area

  • Orbital shaking for IWI

  • Vacuum filtration for ELI

  • Interchangeable design for easy
    conversion to all IWI or all ELI

The workstations’ capability could readily be extended to other applications - please contact us if you would like us to consider automating some of your process operations to save time, costs and improve on efficiency.


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