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Flow Chemistry Reactors

At Cambridge Reactor Design, we facilitate both experienced and new users interested in utilising flow chemistry. We design and build a range of flow chemistry equipment, from laboratory size systems to production scale rigs.

All of our designs and much of our production work is carried out in house. This means that we control quality. It also means that we can meet end user expectations by carrying our customisation work when needed.

Batch Reactors

Bullfrog Range

Why Batch? A stirred tank batch reactor is the most widely used reactor type both in the laboratory and industry. Batch reactors may be preferred for small-scale production of high priced products, particularly if many sequential operations are employed to obtain high product yields. Batch reactors also may be justified when multiple, low volume products are produced in the same equipment or when continuous flow is difficult, as it is with highly viscous or sticky solids-laden liquids. Data obtained in batch reactors can be well defined and used to predict performance of larger scale, continuous-flow reactors.

We manufacture batch reactors in stainless steel, glass and corrosion resilient alloys like C276 and C22.

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Check Valves & Fittings

Tadpole Range

Our Tadpole range of check valves and miniature check valves are engineered to the highest standards and offer unique solutions.

Our check valves offer practical solutions for applications where space is at a premium and reliability is essential. Our miniature check valves are ideal for gas or liquid applications. They are used in every industry. The materials in our check valves provide improved corrosion resistance and make them a superior alternative to comparable plastic valves.

Our check valves incorporate a low inertia poppet design with O-ring seats to achieve a fast, positive seal. Additionally, most of our check valves can also be used as pressure relief valves.

From customised solutions to our range of standard products and services Cambridge Reactor Design has a process and control solution to meet your needs. +44 (0) 1954 252522

Our Solutions

Some problems demand unique solutions and this means a team of highly specialised engineers. We have the best! Working with the latest software tools, we have developed platforms to solve some of the most demanding chemistry problems. Looking to the future, we take pride in pioneering new products that challenge current production methods. As we are involved in all aspects of our operation, including on-site work, we can draw on direct experience to deliver accurate, reliable and cost efficient designs - every time.

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“The team at CRD has 20 years of experience developing a vast number of automation, batch and flow reactor systems. By treating their customers as partners, the CRD engineers acquire an intimate understanding of the physical, chemical, and thermodynamic challenges that need to be addressed for a proposed reaction automation, so ensuring a successful outcome.”

Geoff Nesbitt, R&D Consultant,
Shell Global Solutions

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Product Video

The Polar Bear is one of nicest things we’ve ever made. It’s a compact platform that heat and cools from -40C up to 150C. I describe it as being like a washer dryer - does both! Ours is the size of a shoebox.
Watch the video to see why chemists love it

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Latest News

Cambridge Reactor Design wins award to support Advanced Manufacturing...

Cambridge Reactor Design form part of the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) ReMediES consortium, a project that has been awarded £11 m of government funding. The overall aim of the consortium is to address the inefficiencies in the pharmaceutical supply chain and involves 22 organisations ranging from Universities to SMEs and large multinationals.

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The Polar Bear Plus - Crystal.

Cambridge Reactor Design continues to win orders and our Polar Bear Plus is now available in the US. Our aim is to add every conceivable option to this versatile platform - check out our new microsite. If you haven't see yours then Contact Us!

Cambridge Reactor Design wins Heston Blumenthal order

Cambridge Reactor Design are delighted to be working with the chefs at Heston Blumenthal’s experimental kitchen. The chefs are using CRD’s Polar Bear Advanced Cooling Technology at their kitchen in Bray.

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