stirrer gland
HPLC solvent-waste-management

Components & Fittings

At CRD we can't always find components of the quality we are looking for - so we design and manufacture them ourselves!


From check valves to stirrer assemblies, a range of quality components developed to underpin our Chameleon, Zebrafish, Eagle and Rattlesnake systems is now available to our customers.


Our Tadpole range of patented check valves includes the smallest check valve in the world, ideal for applications requiring miniaturisation.


Stirrer Assembly

Our Stirrer Assembly has been designed to allow stirring under both pressure and vacuum conditions with proven leak resistance over 168 hours of testing. The units are made to fit "Rodavis" B19, B24 and B29 ground glass female taper fittings. Each unit is supplied complete with a "Rodavis" screw cap.


Waste Management

Our Waste Management system is a cost effective method for both collecting used solvent in a waste solvent container (with minimal personnel exposure) and for ensuring the container doesn't overflow. This is particularly useful in managing the continuous waste stream from HPLC systems and when liquid levels cannot be readily monitored.


We can only give you a taste of our capabilities here, so if you can't see what you want, please contact us.