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Zebrafish - Automated Corrosion
Testing Platform

If you agree that corrosion testing is a major bottleneck in the R&D process for fuel cell components and it's an area crying out for improvement then the Zebrafish Corrosion Testing Platform is the system you've been looking for.


At the click of a button our Zebrafish can control the environment of the sample. With electrochemical instrumentation from Intertek (our preferred partner), users can perform experiments such as polarisation resistance, voltammetry and constant potential experiments incorporating user-defined conditions of electrolyte flow and temperature. The electrolyte can be sampled for metal ion content and tests can be carried out using a multiplicity of additives to evaluate accelerated degradation.


Key features of the Zebrafish include:

  • Flow cells for electrochemistry 

  • Performs multiple tests simultaneously 

  • Precise temperature control 

  • Modular construction 

  • Small volume, resource efficient design 

  • Easy to use and set up hardware - plates/tokens can be changed in seconds 

  • Integrates seamlessly with Intertek instrumentation for standard tests e.g. polarization resistance and voltammetry


For a full description, download our Zebrafish brochure and take a look at the additional information in our related links