Polar Bear Plus - Advanced Heating and Cooling Technology Polar Bear Plus - Advanced Heating and Cooling Technology Polar Bear Plus - Advanced Heating and Cooling Technology

Polar Bear Plus Advanced Temperature Management

Superior heating plus cooling comes as standard - Whether you need a stirrer hot and cold plate, crystallisation equipment or a flow reactor, the Polar Bear Plus delivers.

Polar Bear Plus Spec Sheet (PDF 515kb)

Polar Bear Plus Crystal Spec Sheet (PDF 714kb)

Polar Bear Plus Flow Synthesiser Spec Sheet (PDF 432kb)


The Polar Bear Plus family sets a new benchmark for precision cooling and heating by removing all the hassle and giving you more time to do what you do best. The industry-leading technology paired with an elegant, modern design makes the Polar Bear Plus a must have for any leading-edge environment.


Available in three low energy, space-saving models, the entry level Polar Bear Plus, the
Polar Bear Plus Crystal
and the Polar Bear Plus Flow Synthesiser all offer system temperatures of -40 to +150C at the touch of a button. Using no heat transfer fluids, solvents or ice, this really is temperature management for the 21st century.

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Features of the Polar Bear Plus include:

  • Simple operation - attach to an electricity supply and set the temperature

  • Accurate and precise temperature control from -40C to +150C

  • Fully programmable temperature profiles with our Polar Bear Plus Crystal

  • No solvents, heat transfer fluids or ice

  • Self contained and easily portable similar in size to a shoebox

  • Powerful magnetic stirring up to 1500rpm*

  • Adaptable to many applications

  • Large range of accessories available.

*Not applicable to the Polar Bear Plus Flow Synthesiser


For a full description, please download our Polar Bear Plus brochure from the related links.

This revolutionary technology offers so much more than your current hot plate stirrer or cold plates, whilst offering remarkably simple operation.

* Want to operate down to -90C? Our Polar Bear Advanced Cooling Technology is for you *


The Polar Bear Tubular Reactor has been used by the Innovative Technology Group at Cambridge University and an Organic Letters publication illustrating its use is available here.